What is Nemesis?
Nemesis is the world’s only social and real-time multiplayer gaming platform. On Nemesis, you can play in live games against other players around the world in over a dozen different games.
Who should I contact if I have a question?
You can get in touch with our support team through our support chat within the application and on our website.
For Thai language support please use the following options to contact us: User in Thailand can call to service line 02-686-2222 # 0 or 1 or e-mail to : csmobile@truedigitalplus.com

หากพบปัญหาในการใช้งานติดต่อ 02-686-2222 กด 0 หรือ 1 หรือ
E-mail csmobile@truedigitalplus.com
(Service Hours: Monday – Friday , 7.00am – 22.00 pm (BKK Time)
(**no service covered during Sat & Sun and National Holidays**))
What kind of games are on Nemesis?
On Nemesis, we feature games in all types of categories. We have games in the action, puzzle, and strategy genres, and we’re always adding more games. Because you can win and lose virtual currency in our games, we only feature games that are based on skill and not based on luck.
How do I get Nemesis?
Visit http://nemesis.com/googleplay to download our application from Google Play or just search for Nemesis in Google Play.
Do I have to pay anything to use Nemesis?
No, Nemesis is 100% free to download and use. All games in Nemesis are also free to install. Optional purchases are available.
The Nemesis app isn’t opening at all and I’m stuck at the connecting screen.
If you’re having this issue, we’d recommend completely uninstalling and reinstalling the Nemesis application, as well as restarting your device. If that doesn’t work, please check to make sure you’re running a compatible version of Nemesis.
Do I need to be connected to the internet to use Nemesis?
Yes, you need to be connected to a reliable and fast internet connection in order to use Nemesis. Because all of our games and matches occur in real-time against your opponent, you need to stay connected to the internet for the entire duration of the match. You can however play all games downloaded through Nemesis via their individual single player modes.
Do I have to register in order to play?
Registration on Nemesis is optional. You can always play as a guest.
If I link my Facebook account with Nemesis, will you post things on my page without my permission?
No. We will never post anything on your Facebook page without your permission.
Why is Nemesis asking for all these permissions?
We are asking for these permissions in order to deliver a specialized experience on Nemesis for all of our users.
How do I win a prize?
Nemesis hosts competitions on a regular basis. For full rules and prize information, check our social media pages for informational links. In most of our competitions, you can win just by playing a lot of games. It’s not most important to win every single match, what’s important is to participate and play lots of games. Winning does however give you a slight edge.
How is the winner chosen in each competition?
Winners are selected by draw. Each time you win a game or complete a certain action in Nemesis, you will receive a certain number of stickers for that event. Each sticker you collect is a chance to win, the more stickers you collect, the better your chances of winning.
What kind of prizes do you offer?
We typically giveaway the newest and greatest android smartphones. If you have any recommendations on prizes you think we should giveaway, please send us an email and share your thoughts. support@nemesis.com
I have completed all the target prize levels - how can i claim my prize
If you have qualified for any or all of the prizes on offer, you will go into the lucky prize draws for the relevant levels. If your name is picked out of the hat, you will be notified by email or Facebook, depending on how you registered with Nemesis
What is the maximum level?
The maximum level you can achieve through XP is 10
What is chance multiplier?
The Chance Multiplier indicates by what factor your ticket entry has increased for the lucky prize draw. For example if you have collected 1400 tickets against a target prize requirement of 1000 tickets, the chance multiplier will be 1.4
If I complete all the target prizes, does playing more increase my chances to win?
Yes, it does! As soon as you have obtained the number of tickets for your target prize, any extras could count towards the next level prize draw OR increase your chances of winning the target prize. If you have qualified already for the Maximum Lucky Prize Draw level, then any additional Tickets collected will go towards increasing your chances of winning
Does having higher level increase my chance to have a prize?
No it doesn’t. Your XP level does affect how much of the Nemesis platform you can access though. Each time you level up, you unlock additional features
How do I unlock bronze and diamond?
Bronze and Diamond stake levels can be unlocked by achieving certain XP levels
Does having higher level increase my chance to have a prize?
No it doesn’t. Your XP level does affect how much of the Nemesis platform you can access though. Each time you level up, you unlock additional features
What is a difference between Stamps and Tickets?
Stamps are collectibles earned by participating in Duels in certain games. Tickets are earned by participating in any Duel and count as entries into weekly and monthly lucky draws
What are Stamps used for?
Stamps can be exchanged in the Market for virtual goods
How do I get ultra rare stamps?
It’s a bit of a secret - you only get the rarest stamps by playing a combination of Duels a certain number of times...watch out for hints!!
What if i win a weekly prize, am i still eligible for a monthly prize?
Absolutely. You can win multiple prizes in any given week or month. Every item is offered based on a lucky draw
Can i win 2 weekly or 2 monthly prizes in a row? What about 3?
You can win any amount as long as you have the amount of Tickets required to qualify - after that, it all comes down to whether your name is picked out in the lucky draw
I can get more coins by watching video ads, can i get more tickets or stamps the same way?
No, Stamps can only be earned by playing Duels Tickets can be earned through Duels or by spinning the Nemesis Wheel
Do i get something for playing in practice mode?
Yes, you get better skills at playing the games. This means you have more chance of winning Duels and earning more Tickets for the lucky draws!
What are gifts?
Gifts are Surprise Boxes you can send to other players
Do we get tickets in gifts or just stamps? Coins maybe?
You receive certain types of Stamps in boxes gifted to you by other players
Can we give tickets, coins or stamps to our friends?
You can give Stamps to your friends by sending them Gift Boxes
Can we chose what we send to another player in a gift?
No, where is the fun in that?! We will select the Stamps to go in the Gift Boxes - we have very good taste!
Do we get tickets or stamps for being number one on any of the leaderboards for a certain period of time?
No, none of our rewards are offered for Leaderboard positions...thos are just for bragging rights!!!
I was announced as a winner of a contest! Now what?
Awesome! We will be getting in contact with you via your Facebook account or email address to confirm your mailing address and get your prize shipped out! You can also send us an email to support@nemesis.com to get the process started.
Can I exchange my prize for cash?
Nope! We do not offer cash prizes in exchange for physical prizes.
What versions of Android does Nemesis support?
To use the Nemesis application, you must have an Android version higher than 4.0.3.
Does Nemesis work on iOS?
Not at the moment, but we will be releasing a version of Nemesis for iOS in few months.
Does Nemesis work on tablets?
Yes, Nemesis will run on any device that has an Android operating system above 4.0.3.
I’m getting too many push notifications while I’m outside of the application. How can I stop this?
If you’re getting too many push notifications, you can adjust your notification preferences in the settings are of the Nemesis application. You can adjust it to only receive push notifications from Friends on Nemesis or completely turn off push notifications while outside of the application if you wish.
I’m having trouble using Nemesis or one of the related applications. I think I found a bug. What do I do?
If you’ve noticed a bug in the Nemesis application or one of the related games, get in contact with us and let us know immediately! We will work to get it fixed and be extremely grateful for you help in improving the Nemesis experience for everyone! Please email support@nemesis.com
I cannot see my old chat messages, it looks like they disappeared, what happened?
Nemesis currently doesn’t save chat logs. All conversations are automatically deleted after 24 hours.
Can I change my nickname?
No you can’t at the moment, but maybe this will be a feature we can introduce later
How do I know which of my friends are online?
If you go to your friends list, or check any of your friends’ profiles, you will see a green dot on their avatar if they are online
I cannot see any of my friends or high scores in the application, what happened?
If you’re having trouble accessing your regular account information, please check to make sure that you’re logged into your correct account. You may have accidentally logged in as a guest.
I have some feedback and ideas for Nemesis. What do I do?
Great! We love hearing input from our users. Please email support@nemesis.com, and we will gladly take your input.